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About us

Sant Revisjon AS delivers high quality audit services to clients in the greater Oslo area. Our offices are located near the business district of Oslo. Besides from audit services and statements according to the company acts, the firm delivers valuation services of companies in sales or purchase situations, as well as when needed for inheritance purposes. The firm also delivers investigations services and services in situations of insolvency.

The firm offers services of high quality within the agreed time and at a right price. Personal service is emphasized from start to finish.

The firm is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to conduct financial audits, and is also a member of “Den norske Revisorforening” (the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants). 

The firm’s major client industries are:

·         Construction and property

·         Leisure and tourism

·         Legal profession and accounting services

·         Internet service providers and developers

·         Retail industry

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Sant Revisjon AS

Statsautoriserte revisorer

Frognerstranda 2

0250 OSLO


Tel: +47 40067466

Email: post@santrevisjon.no


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